Paul Blart sucks?

I know it's not really news that PAUL BLART: MALL COP, despite all its success, wasn't exactly lauded by critics (it's currently rated at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes). But I expected the guys behind that other mall cop movie, OBSERVE AND REPORT, to be somewhat cordial and say that their movie was completely different and no harm, no foul. Nope. OBSERVE director Jody Hill spoke to New York Magazine at SXSW and said he and star Seth Rogen weren't worried about PAUL BLART because he "figured it was going to suck." That's before he even saw the movie. So tell us how you really feel Jody..."It's annoying that every time I read an article, they mention this piece-of-shit movie." Hill admits that had he known about PAUL BLART prior to going into production on OBSERVE he probably would've scrapped it all together. " If somebody's doing something, I don't want to do that," explains the director. Of course what he's saying is making perfect sense. It's just this honesty coming out of Hollywood that I'm so weird.

Strange also that they would openly bash BLART given that Rogen and Kevin James are both good friends with Adam Sandler. Won't they run into each other at the Sandler holiday party? Won't that be awkward? But maybe that's why Hill is publicly commenting and not Rogen. Interesting...

Extra Tidbit: I've been humming that song "Man" from the OBSERVE trailer all week.
Source: NY Mag



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