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Paul Feig offers first look at new Ghostbusters action figures


Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS is looking to make its mark with fans new and old this summer, and, while there is bound to be comparisons made between the new film and the 1984 original carrying the same name, there is one area where the new GHOSTBUSTERS is already ahead of its predecessor - action figures.

Action figures for GHOSTBUSTERS didn't really hit shelves until a few years later, tied to THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS animated series, although in recent years, we've seen some retro figures released to represent the original. But heading into its July release, Feig's flick will have figures on the shelves already for a new generation to get their hands on.

Yesterday, Feig took to Twitter to show off prototypes of their Mattel six-inchers, and they look pretty sweet.

Who ya gonna call to get them? Toys "R" Us... Walmart... You know, the usual...

GHOSTBUSTERS hits theaters on July 15.

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