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Paul Greengrass may direct an adaptation of David Ignatius' The Director

1 year agoby:

Paul Greengrass is one of those directors that you see attached to several different projects that unfortunately don't wind up panning out.

Most recently the director dropped out of Aaron Sorkin's CHICAGO 7 biopic then it was rumored that he was in line to take on Stephen King's THE STAND. We've still got no confirmation on the latter.

After great success with CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, producer Scott Rudin is moving on to an adaptation of David Ignatius' upcoming novel, THE DIRECTOR. Another member of the PHILLIPS crew, Greengrass is in negotiations to write and direct for the project.

The cyber-thriller begins, "when a teen walks into the American consulate in Hamburg and claims the CIA has been hacked. The new director of the agency, on the job for less than a week, is forced to team up with the CIA’s young, in-house geek for a worldwide mole hunt filled with double-crosses."

Ignatius' THE DIRECTOR will hit bookstores in June 2014.

Source: THR


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9:52PM on 01/15/2014
Him and Billy Connolly could be brothers.
Him and Billy Connolly could be brothers.
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