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Paul Greengrass to direct a new version of George Orwell's 1984


Looks like a new adaptation of George Orwell's dystopian classic novel 1984 is on the way with quite the director behind the camera. Deadline is reporting that THE BOURNE SUPREMACY and CAPTAIN PHILIPS helmer Paul Greengrass is working on a new version of 1984 from a script by James Graham.

1984 has been adapted twice before from the 1949 novel, most famously by Michael Radnor thirty years ago. That film starred John Hurt and Richard Burton. The visuals inspired the iconic Apple commercial that kick-started the personal computer boom. Since then, the novel and the film have inspired all sorts of political media and propaganda.

Greengrass himself has helmed politically themed films like GREEN ZONE, BLOODY SUNDAY, and UNITED 93 and 1984 would definitely fit into his dynamic and tightly crafted film-making style. While I am not a huge fan of his reliance on shaky camera techniques, I think he is a relevant director who could do a lot with updating Orwell's tale.

Paul Greengrass is currently working on the Martin Luther King, Jr. film MEMPHIS, so he will likely tackle 1984 after that, but not much else is known. Expect more news as the script is completed.

Source: Deadline



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