Paul Haggis is helping Russell Crowe become The Equalizer

While we wait for their collaboration THE NEXT THREE DAYS, actor Russell Crowe and filmmaker Paul Haggis (CRASH) are planning to get together for some street justice.

Crowe is attached to star in THE EQUALIZER, an update of the 80s TV series that had Edward Woodward as New York vigilante Robert McCall, an ex secret agent who would lend his particular "troubleshooting" skills to innocents in need. This charitable violence was the former government spook's method of atoning for his past sins.

Haggis is in negotiations only to write the new feature, and may or may not end up directing as well (his only other attachment is with MGM, and therefore in flux). Crowe is currently also considering kicking ass for The RZA in his kung fu project THE MAN WITH THE IRON FIST.

Here's a look at THE NEXT THREE DAYS, arriving in November:

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Crowe is really worth his reported $20 million paychecks?
Source: Heat Vision



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