Paul Verhoeven refers to Robocop as the "American Jesus"

This is one of the more interesting comparisons I've heard in awhile.

Director Paul Verhoeven was speaking with MTV about his newest book, "Jesus of Nazareth" then inevitably the ROBOCOP remake got brought up.

Verhoeven knows that remakes are bound to happen and has no issue with that happening to his 1987 science fiction classic. Then as he gets into talking about the film, he says this, "The point of 'RoboCop,' of course, is it is a Christ story."

Go on..."It is about a guy that gets crucified after 50 minutes, then is resurrected in the next 50 minutes and then is like the super-cop of the world, but is also a Jesus figure as he walks over water at the end." Some of you may already know about this comparison if you own the ROBOCOP boxset. If you haven't heard, listen to the video and judge for yourself.

Getting back to his thoughts on a remake, Verhoeven feels like it would be challenging to undertake. When he was working on the film, its' low budget forced him to be "extremely creative and inventive".

Extra Tidbit: Verhoeven likes to chill out and listen to some Rammstein. That's cool. I like to chill out and listen to Cradle of Filth.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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