Payne talks Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer For those of us wondering about the presence of Galactus, the planet-devouring master of the eponymous argent-tinged cosmically-powered super being in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, screenwriter Don Payne recently gave us frustratingly cryptic answers that ultimately don't tell us too much beyond what we already know. But that's showbiz, baby. Take it or leave it. He tells "Wizard Universe" that while a movie focusing on The Surfer couldn't possibly exist without Galactus and his unusual diet of enormous celestial bodies rotating around a central star, he may be explored as more of a "force" than an actual physical presence; though he's quick to reassure fans that “As far as Galactus goes, the essence will be the same.” Say what, now? Yes, exactly. As far as influences are concerned, Payne mentioned "We’re also using elements from Fantastic Four #57-60, where the Silver Surfer encounters Dr. Doom. Then there are a couple moments that were inspired by Ultimate Extinction.” And what changes can we expect in our favorite family of superheroes? Well, “They’re way better off financially, and you’ll see that reflected in the Baxter Building and in Reed’s lab, both of which have been refurbished. Reed and Sue are dealing with being celebrities and superheroes and also trying to have a private life. Reed is struggling to retain his status as a respected scientist while also doing the superhero thing.” Read the rest of what he had to say, including some tidbits on Dr. Doom over HERE. RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER opens June 15th.

Extra Tidbit: Andre Braugher dropped out of an "ER" supporting role to play General Hager, an old acquaintance of Richards.
Source: Wizard Universe



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