Pegg Not a Bastard

With actors across Hollywood being labeled "bastards"left, right, and center it's refreshing almost, to finally say that you know what? This cat is NOT a bastard. In this case, the cat in question is Simon Pegg, or as i like to call him--a skinnier, less obnoxious, more British version of Whoopi Goldberg. The thespian had long been rumoured for the film but we hear otherwise--straight from the horse's mouth btw.

As news broke that Greg "SUPERBAD" Mottola is directing Pegg's new film PAUL, the actor felt compelled to address the insurmountable rumours that have since plagued both him and his family.

Much to our mutual disappointment, I won't be appearing in QT's forthcoming 'Inglorious Bastards' due to insurmountable scheduling difficulties...We really tried to make it work but in the end, it just was not possible without severe ramifications elsewhere. I appreciate your honesty Simon. Next time you write something left me know and I'll bring you a 7up.
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Source: Comingsoon.net



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