Perlman Comedian?

Ron Perlman Dan Epstein from over at Newsrama recently had a little pow wow with corporeal Hellboy Ron Perlman and at some point the conversation gravitated towards the possibility of him playing The Comedian in Zack Snyder's upcoming WATCHMEN adaptation. He relates: "Well, Frank Darabont is a really close friend of Guillermo’s and they share a boyish passion for comic books. The first time I ever met Frank was in a comic book store here on Melrose in Los Angeles. In aisle three we had a long, wonderful meeting and he told me I had to read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and everything that Alan Moore wrote. Then Watchmen came up because [Hellboy producers] Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin have the rights to make the film version of that. They were pushing for me to play the Comedian." For the rest of the interview, including what he said about his involvement in another cinematic Frank Miller comic adaptation, go HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Perlman is ambidextrous.
Source: Newsrama



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