Persia concept art?

I'm not enough of a gamer to know much about this PRINCE OF PERSIA, but it's apparently a pretty big deal with a pretty big fanbase. Hollywood tried getting a movie on the ground that would've been released last year but, as you might have guessed, that never happened. John August's script was jettisoned and now it looks like Disney is ready to give in the ole Jerry Bruckheimer treatment. The movie is scheduled to be the studio's big 2008 blockbuster and today, courtesy of Italian site Bad Taste, we have some look at production art. Now my Italian isn't very sharp but it would seem these guys aren't 100% they were created for the movie exclusively but they were found in some Disney investor's brochure advertising the movie. It certainly has the scope of something that Bruckheimer would look to put in one of his movies. Check out the art below and click on the image to head over to their site to check out a few more.

Extra Tidbit: The region of Ancient Persia is actually what we now refer to as Iran.
Source: Bad Taste



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