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Guardians of the Galaxy featurette showcases Peter Quill in action


I've never seen Parks and Recreation, on which Chris Pratt really took off, but judging from what I saw in that 17-minute IMAX preview of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Pratt is more than capable of handling both the comedy and drama of the leading character; Peter Quill. It makes sense that Marvel would release a more Quill-centric featurette, and that time has come!

Take in the Quill:

This video focuses on the more action-oriented maneuvers of Star-Lord, but I'm more interested in meat of the character, regarding his past, and how that plays into what he'll do in the film. Either way, GUARDIANS looks to promise an adventure flick that neither makes fun of or takes too seriously its material. It can be a tricky blend, to keep the tone from wandering too far off into comedy land, but I think James Gunn tiptoes that line brilliantly here. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a kick-ass soundtrack!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will hit cinemas August 1, 2014.



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