Phantom sequel!

It is being reported pretty much everywhere now that a sequel to THE PHANTOM is coming. An Australian production company, Sherlock Symington, announced that it had secured the rights to THE PHANTOM LEGACY, a follow-up to the original, which starred Billy Zane as the titular hero. The film is budgeted at a reported $87M in some reports and as high a figure as $130M in others. Reportedly, "The film will be set in the present day and will deal with the concept of destiny." The Phantom is a descendent of a line of African heroes who fights crime from his hide-out in the African jungle.

People seem to be debating as to whether Billy Zane will be back. I'm not sure why. Regardless of whether the budget is $87 million or $130 million, if there's one thing we can be pretty clear on it's that Billy Zane will not be back. Not at that price. Zane's did a Uwe Boll movie five years ago and somehow that wasn't even the nadir of his career. That's right he has since sunk lower. If you've got a budget of $9.99 then yeah, you call Billy Zane. For $9.99 you could probably get twenty Billy Zanes.
Extra Tidbit: The Phantom was the first comic book character to feature the superhero standard of a mask with no visible pupils.
Source: TheWest



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