Pics of Grass

LEAVES poster

Only thing better than an Edward Norton dark comedy is one with TWO Edward Nortons, including one of them with long hair and a crossbow. 'Cause everybody needs some Norton with a crossbow.

LEAVES OF GRASS, directed by Norton's HULK co-star Tim Blake Nelson, is just about to have its world premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF for intimates...) next month, so fittingly the fest has posted a couple of new production pics on their website. No crossbow on those, but one does have a beer-drinking Keri Russell. Even better!

The film stars Eddy as an Ivy league professor coaxed back to his hometown by a pot-dealing twin brother who faked his own death so he can hatch a plot to take down a local drug lord. With a crossbow. Distribution deals and release date will assumingly be announced after "TIFF". In the meantime, here are those pics.    

Ed and Kerriin LEAVES

Ed and TBN in LEAVES

Extra Tidbit: Norton wanted the part so badly he agreed to half what he usually makes. Ironic since he plays not one but two roles. So basically he got 1/4 of his usual fee for each role.
Source: Slash Film



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