Pierce Brosnan to participate in Owen Wilson's Coup

Pierce Brosnan classic smileIt was reported a week ago that Owen Wilson would soon be flexing both his acting and actual muscles for John Erick Dowdle's THE COUP, which will certainly be an interesting thing to see.  But it looks like he won't necessarily be going it alone in the "intense thriller centered on an American family that moves to Southeast Asia and finds themselves embroiled in a violent coup where rebels mercilessly attack the city," as Pierce Brosnan has has decided to join the project as "a mysterious government operative."

Brosnan is already plenty familiar with coups, rebels, intense thrillers, and government operatives, but his presence is nonetheless both reassuring and suitably exciting as Brosnan is one of those actors who always seems to give everything he does the best go he can.  The man had a fantastic turn recently in Roman Polanski's THE GHOST WRITER, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what he does with this part.

Production on THE COUP is set to commence in October.

Extra Tidbit: There should be a movie called THE COOP. It would be like a dark version of CHICKEN RUN where instead of escaping, the chickens take over the farm and enslave the humans.



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