Pine is Jack Ryan?

Is Chris Pine preparing to spread his franchisability around?

Paramount seems to think that if the kid was qualified to successfully take the helm of the USS Enterprise, he's good enough to step into shoes formerly worn by Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and Harrison Ford -- the studio is in talks with the actor to star in a new JACK RYAN movie.

After taking some time off since SUM OF ALL FEARS, the variably aged CIA analyst is apparently finally ready to return. Sam Raimi was once involved, and George Clooney was a favorite for the role, but now it seems like they want to start fresh with the pillow-lipped It Guy.

No word on what they'll do with Tom Clancy's creation, but it's safe to assume it will be adventures from Ryan's early career, and likely an original story rather than something from the character's novels (where he's already become President and then retired).

Extra Tidbit: This comes just a day after the studio was hoping to reel in Pine for THE ART OF MAKING MONEY.
Source: THR



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