Pirates 4 announced!

That's right. It was announced at D23 that the new Pirates movie is called PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES. Is everyone excited? I'm a little jaded by the last one, but as long it doesn't end stupid or involve the Turner family pirate adventures, I'll see it.

Our own Jenna Busch is covering D23 and had this to say:

"It was announced today at an event at Disney's D23 Expo that Johnny Depp will be starring in the fourth PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN movie, ON STRANGER TIDES. They didn't reveal any details, but they did trot Depp out in full Jack Sparrow regalia. He appeared to be trying not to laugh as he asked the audience if they had seen a talking frog. Strange name, ON STRANGER TIDES. Not sure what could be stranger than a guy playing the organ with his tentacles...but hey, maybe this one will have a storyline that makes sense. (Honestly though, just give me Johnny Depp in eyeliner. I have a kind of thing for that.) The film is slated for release in Summer 2011."

'Had the audience seen a talking frog?' My mind is currently boggled. Jack Sparrow's antics are always delightful in my opinion. Hopefully it's more geared towards his character, and maybe Lord Cutler Beckett? Okay, so it probably won't have Beckett in it but I kind of have a thing for sexy English chairmen of the East India Trading Company.

Make sure you guys check back soon as we will have full coverage from D23. There's a ton of cool stuff I'm hearing about already.

Extra Tidbit: Del Toro and Disney? Burton and Muppets? Check that shiz out!
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