Pirates 4 director?

Since it was announced that Gore Verbinski wouldn't be returning to direct the fourth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie (to presumably direct BIOSHOCK, which has since been put on hold), many have wondered who could possibly take his place in that franchise. Wonder no more. Variety is reporting that while a deal hasn't been officially signed, Disney is moving ahead with Rob Marshall as director.

Marshall has some serious chops behind him (he's an Oscar-nominated director) but his experience is almost entirely in the world of musicals. His previous directing efforts include CHICAGO, the TV movie "Annie" and the upcoming NINE. Only MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA wasn't an overt musical. So does he have what it takes to direct a huge budget mega blockbuster? Disney seems convinced because, as Variety puts it, they're already begun work casting with an eye towards getting PIRATES 4 moving before Depp moves on to THE LONE RANGER.

Personally I think that if Verbinski can't get BIOSHOCK going, which is sadly looking like a longshot at this point, he should just return for PIRATES 4. Then again that's a purely selfish point of view. I think that dude has had enough of pirates.

Extra Tidbit: Hmm...casting is underway, eh?
Source: Variety



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