Pirates replace Depp?

UPDATE: Disney now confirms that Depp will indeed be in PIRATES 4. Isn't it nice when studios respond to shit like this so quickly? Read more about their response HERE.

Instead of having another actor fill Jack Sparrow's shoes, Disney might just replace the character with a new one.

It's being said that if Johnny Depp decides to be done with the PIRATES franchise, Disney will move forward with a new character in his place. Now, the mouse house is willing to pay Depp any amount of money he wants for ON STRANGER TIDES, but that's not a guarantee the actor will stay.

Depp was not shy in expressing his sadness over Dick Cook stepping down as studio chairman. He's apparently also aware that the last two pirates sucked, and if he does do the fourth film will definitely not be doing a fifth or a sixth one. If Depp does quit after TIDES, then maybe it's best for the franchise to start up with someone else. They could also just stop doing the movies all together. If they are so worried about keeping the idea ball rolling, maybe they could turn it into a cartoon for the children to enjoy.

As to who they would get as a new pirate, there is no way of knowing who at this point. It was said that Russell Brand would join Depp as his Brother/companion, but this was never a solid story. Would Pirates survive without Depp or does it even matter?

Extra Tidbit: They haven't started even filming the movie yet, so what are the Vegas odds that Depp decides to jump ship?
Source: Cinema Blend



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