Pitt's Odyssey?

Nary a soul will deny that Brad Pitt is one of the most exciting actors working today. With THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON on its way, and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS having just begun principal photography, his career shows no signs of hitting a red light any time soon. That's why when Brad Pitt is attached to a film, it's not just news--it's NEWS.

The film in question this time around is an adaptation of Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey". We all know Pitt starred in TROY, a reworking of Homer's "The Iliad", which was one of his more forgettable roles. Perhaps that's why this time around, Pitt and director George Miller intend to transfer the tale to a futuristic setting in outer space.

Listen, I could probably watch a video of Brad Pitt moving his bowels and it would be more entertaining then half the stuff being released these days. Rock on Mr. Pitt. And on a side note, you should really become a father.
Extra Tidbit: Miller is still attached to direct THE JUSTICE LEAGUE
Source: Variety



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