Piven's RAW Goods

You have to admire the lengths some people will go to get you to see their latest movie. Or, you could just shake your head in bewilderment. As long as it results in you slapping down green for a ticket, they probably don't care either way.

Last night, Jeremy Piven went all out to plant your butt in a theater seat for THE GOODS: LIVE HARD SELL HARD, his car comedy about a "fixer" who brings along his crew of People You Recognize to save a failing dealership.

Piven showed up at the Mohegan Sun casino to host (along with pimpin' co-star Ken Jeong) WWE's Monday Night RAW. He really gets into the bluster, even turning heel and absorbing a few dings, all in the name of shameless promotion. Check out some highlights below.

Not to be outdone, GOODS and THE HANGOVER co-star Ed Helms provides his own little contribution to the cause a bit further down.

Extra Tidbit: What does Piven have in common with Nathan Fillion, Jerry O'Connell and John C. McGinley?
Source: The Goods



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