Pixar and sexy time?

I knew I wanted to write about this as soon as I saw the words "Pixar" and "X-Rated" in the same sentence. It looks like Pixar artists have been oppressed with kids work and want to get naughty with a little science and sex.

"The Ancient Book of Sex and Science" is a saucy project of illustrations exploring the relationship between sex and science with science fiction. This book is the second in a four part series after "The Ancient Book of Myth and War". Pixar animator Scott Morse elaborated, "Well, we're usually pretty introverted, so maybe that makes us a little kinkier. And there's a tradition of us loving Playboy cartoons and naughtier things in general. We all remember drawing in the margins of our textbooks when we were younger." This continues to go into a direction I want to hear as he continues to discuss the connection, "They're similar in that they both have correlating patterns, like the rhythm of math and sex, or like music with peaks and valleys, highs and lows. They can both be very calculated."

There's a few more not so safe for work pics, go on over to the dirty animations for your twisted mind here.

Extra Tidbit: How does one make CARS hot?
Source: io9



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