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Pixar Lego Art


So...since I let you down with the fake, lame NOES footage, will you take the gift of awesome character legos?

Okay, so I can't buy each of you one, even though I'm pretty sure they aren't for sale. Everyone really liked the DUNE legos, so I was anxious to let you guys see these. Angus MacLane who is an animator for Pixar builds these for hobby. That's one hell of a hobby to have. He recreates all of his favorite characters from movies/tv/etc into tiny little lego people.

MacLane has a ton more over at his Flickr page. He seriously needs one of the Burger King. Can I request that?

Colonel Sanders?! What the hell?!
Extra Tidbit: We should make this a monthly installment, "Fun with Legos". When I went to California for Comic-Con, we stopped at Legoland, but only ended up taking pictures with the sign because it was so freaking expensive to get in.
Source: GeekTyrantFlickr



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