Pixar to the rescue

Colby Curtin When ten year-old Colby Curtin saw a preview for Pixar's high flying action adventure UP, like most children her age, she was instantly captivated and declared her absolute need to see the adventure that ensued after septuagenarian Carl Fredricksen strapped thousands of balloons to his house. Unlike most children her age, however, Colby had been diagnosed with an extremely rare and extremely fatal vascular cancer that had left her with only days to live. When an attempt to watch the movie at a theater failed and Colby's condition had worsened to the point where she could not be mobilized, a family friend immediately started placing calls to Disney and Pixar. After miraculously managing to get ahold of someone, she explained Colby's story and wish to see the movie. The very next day Pixar sent an employee with a DVD of UP to Colby's house and watched it with her and her family. Colby died seven hours later, on her own journey up. Read her full story over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Just when you think Pixar can't get any better…
Source: OC Register



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