Pixar's first female director no longer Pixar's first female director

Making such wonderful films over the years, Pixar has been relatively free of most controversy. The only blip so far has been their lack of a real lead female character in any of their films. All that was about to change in 2012 with BRAVE, Pixar's first fairy tale that would not only feature a female character as its lead (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) but directed by Pixar's first female director. But a movie that looked to end criticism may instead be sparking much more than Pixar ever intended.

Cartoon Brew is reporting that BRAVE director Brenda Chapman has been let go by Pixar and Mark Andrews has been promoted to director of the film. Andrews has worked as a story artist at Pixar and directed the beautiful short "One Man Band but is noticeably not a woman.

Obviously Pixar has not gone on the record (yet, but I imagine that public pressure will force a statement sooner or later) but the site is reporting that Chapman has been edged out of her spot for weeks now with the move only becoming official earlier this week.

Now in all fairness to Pixar, this is not the first time a director of one of their animated films has been let go. Jan Pinkava, one of the vaunted Pixar Brain Trust back from his days directing the early short "Geri's Game," was fired from his post on RATATOUILLE and Brad Bird was brought in to quickly rewrite and direct the revamped version (he retained a story credit on the final film). And even Disney replaced Chis Sanders on AMERICAN DOG, completely revamping the film and releasing it as BOLT.

But surely the sexier story (no pun intended) for the media is the sex of its director and that BRAVE will now be the 14th film from Pixar to be directed by a man. And whether it is warranted or not, will bring some controversy to the shores of Emeryville, CA.

Extra Tidbit: How long before Chapman signs a development deal at DreamWorks?
Source: Cartoon Brew



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