Pixar's plans for Mars

Computer-animation deities Pixar have a pretty full lineup already, but that doesn't mean they aren't planning ahead. For example, apparently they intend to do THREE movies based on Edgar Rice Burrough's classic sci-fi series JOHN CARTER WARLORD OF MARS.

The Disney-based studio recently sifted through the Burroughs archives, where they mentioned their plan to make a trilogy of digitally rendered but faithful adaptations from the material, with the first ready by 2012. It's assumed they'll start in the same place that Jon Favreau, Robert Rodriguez and Kerry Conran attempted before them -- with PRINCESS OF MARS.

The Burroughs tales (now almost a century old) follow a military man named John Carter as he's suddenly transported to the red planet and thrust into a world of monstrous plants, towering four-armed brutes and one babe of royalty. Given their success with more 'toonish material, it should be fascinating to see what Pixar do with such a blend of fantasy and reality (or at least different from talking vehicles, toys and eyeballs).
Extra Tidbit: Before the property landed on Pixar's machines, it was rumored to be a "performance capture" movie from Robert Zemekis and his team.
Source: ERBzine



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