Pixar's upcoming slate

The Disney/Pixar collaboration, which have churned out such hits as MONSTERS, INC and TOY STORY, have formally announced their upcoming schedule of films for 2003, 2004 and 2005.  Let's take a look at what we have in store:

Sadly, 2002 will not see a Pixar release but coming in the summer of 2003 will be FINDING NEMO from A BUG'S LIFE director Andrew Stanton.  That film will feature the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Willem Dafoe and Geoffrey Rush and follows a young fish who is separated from his father near the Great Barrier Reef.   The coral setting should make for some great CGI work. 


Next, for holiday 2004 is THE INCREDIBLES from Brad Bird, the director of Warner Bros. THE IRON GIANT.  That film follows a family of superheroes who simply try to lead normal lives despite their powers.  This film is notable because it marks the first time a Pixar film will revolve entirely around human characters - a tricky prospect to date.

Finally, waaay down the line in 2005, we have the next project from TOY STORY creator and Pixar's resident genius John Lasseter, CARS (which I presume is a tentative title).  The story was formerly described as a Route 66 project and it follows a group of cars as they take a drive across that historic stretch of road.

Source: Variety
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