PJ talks Tintin

Peter Jackson's been talking recently about the TINTIN films, his and Steven Spielberg's adaptations of the internationally huge graphic novels. Apparently, the Kiwi auteur still doesn't know what the basis of his own TINITN 2 will even be.

In an interview with French publication La Monde, Peter Jackson states that while he's leaning towards adapting "The Seven Crystal Balls"/"Prisoners of the Sun" two-part South American-based story, "the choice is not final. I will read all the albums of Tintin again over Christmas and will make a decision before the New Year."

Jackson does however give a tiny bit of info on what to expect from Spielberg's TINTIN 1, SECRET OF THE UNICORN: "Very European film... very film noir." Remember 2005's MUNICH? Very strong 60s-70s European cinema vibe. I have no doubt The Beard can hit that tone deftly.

Spielberg's THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN is currently in post and looking at a December 2011 release.
Extra Tidbit: To be honest, I'm clueless when it comes to Tintin since I didn't grow up with it at all. But if any of you have, which book would you say would make great material for PJ's directorial style?



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