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Planet Hulk trailer


Didn't care much for last two feature film adaptations of THE HULK? Me neither. Thankfully, there's a new Hulk project in the works that looks better than any heaping pile of CGI we’ve seen so far.

That would be PLANET HULK, the new DVD/Blu-ray project from Marvel which chronicles the Hulk’s exile from Earth, and his subsequent rise to stardom as a gladiator on an alien planet. As you’ll see in the trailer, he’s quite good at his new job.

Projects like this make you wonder why more obscure, yet awesome stories like this don’t get made into feature films. Who says you have to start with an origin story? Why not drop Wolverine straight into Japan or Batman into Arkham? Sooner or later Hollywood’s going to have to stop playing it safe with superhero movies as they run out of first chapters to start with.

Extra Tidbit: You can't really have a much more epic concept than "futuristic superhero gladiator arena."
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