Plllows cover the private parts of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in this poster for Love and Other Drugs

The only thing that really interests me thus far from LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS is Anne Hathaway.

Of course I like Jake Gyllenhaal, but I also really, really, really love Hathaway. She's got that sexy wavy hair going and the illusion of her nakedness (even though I've already seen the goods)...it's just hot. She's one of the few women I would push my boyfriend out of bed for. it's also the same woman he would push me out of bed for.

From the looks of the trailer, there's just nothing really that stands out for me. Then again, the element of romance is involved so I'll most likely be sucked in either way. When it comes to the poster for the film, it's pretty basic. You've got your main two stars in bed together making cutesy faces. I'm sure some horny housewife is wondering why Jake is covering his manhood with the pillow. Dream on cougars.

Click to check it out in hi-res.

Extra Tidbit: Anne Hathaway's boobs are epic. Yep. That's my titbit...I mean, tidbit.
Source: IMP Awards



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