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Polanski comes to US


Filmmaker Roman Polanski might still be in a spot of trouble, but at least his latest movie isn't still locked up.

Although the Oscar-winning director's legal entanglements and controversy continue, his next film THE GHOST WRITER will be doing something he's been unable to do himself for decades: visit the USA.

Summit, the company behind the sparkly/shirtless sensation NEW MOON, has agreed to distribute the film in North America, with a planned release "during the first half of 2010".

The thriller "tells the story of a former British Prime Minister, Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), who is holed up on an island off the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. in midwinter, writing his memoirs. When his long-standing aide drowns, a professional ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) is sent out to help him finish the book. The anonymous ghost writer is quickly drawn into a political and sexual intrigue involving Lang’s wife, Ruth (Olivia Williams) and his aide (Kim Cattrall). Hanging over Lang is the threat of a war crimes trial and a mysterious secret from his past that threatens to jeopardize international relations. The cast also includes Jim Belushi, Robert Pugh and Tom Wilkinson."

Extra Tidbit: Is Polanski's current predicament just karma for appearing in RUSH HOUR 3? Or for hiring the star of "According to Jim"?
Source: Summit



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