Polo has Beacon

Teri Polo Former Focker frau Teri Polo has signed on to star in the supernatural indie thriller THE BEACON. In it, she stars as a woman grieving over the loss of her four year-old son who moves into the titular apartment complex and finds herself seeing visions of a young boy falling down the elevator shaft while trying to elude his abusive father. With the help of her husband, "The Shield" star David Rees Snell, an "eccentric young professor" in the form of "Ugly Betty" star Michael Urie and "tough career cop" Michael Ironside, she attempts to make sure the young boy actually does fall down the shaft. Or rather, she helps the boy cope or bring his spirit to the light or something. Production is expected to start this week in Dallas. Polo and her MILF-tastic body can next be seen in the thriller TWO:THIRTEEN.

Teri Polo

Extra Tidbit: Polo dropped out of high school at 17 to pursue acting. Wow, this dropping out of high school thing isn't looking so bad, huh?



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