Poltergeist... again

Remember all that stuff in POLTERGEIST that freaked you out? Coffins in the pool, the television of dread, ripping-face guy, the hallway monster and that goddamn evil clown of nightmares?

Prepare to experience it all over again, except with different actors and a shitload of CGI. Yep, after numerous aborted attempts over the years to kickstart the fright franchise, a remake of the 1982 suburban terror tale is in the works. Bloody Disgusting claims that MGM and Mandate Pictures (THE GRUDGE 2) are behind the new version, which is planned as a project whenever the strike business finally blows over, so no writer or director is officially attached as yet.

The original flick was directed by Tobe Hooper (and Steven Spielberg, so the story goes) and involves a family whose new home is haunted, prompting them to bring a team of professional ghost-hunters to rescue their daughter from the spooks. The movie was followed by two inferior sequels (though the second one has its moments) and a long-running syndicated TV spinoff.
Extra Tidbit: For POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE, method actor Craig T. Nelson volunteered to vomit an actual man-sized worm.



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