Porter joins Racer

I’ve been recommending the NBC football drama FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to just about everyone I know, and I’m about to do it to you too: watch the first season on DVD when it comes out, because it was easily one of the best new shows on TV and didn’t get the attention it deserved. But it’s nice to see that the extremely talented young cast is getting noticed for their effort, as Scott Porter, who plays injured QB Jason Street, has just been cast as Rex in SPEED RACER, who is actually the younger version of Racer X, played by Matthew Fox of LOST. It’s a little odd that Porter will be playing the younger version of X, since he isn’t that much younger than Fox, but after seeing what this kid can do on FNL, I’m all for having him in this movie, no matter what the role. Rex is older brother to Speed Racer, and fakes his death only to return as Racer X. The Wachowski Brothers start shooting this month in Berlin, with the release date set as May 9, 2008.
Extra Tidbit: For all you RomCom aficionados, you may remember Porter better for his role as Hugh Grant's music partner in MUSIC & LYRICS.
Source: Cinematical



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