Portman pre-Darjeeling

So we're all looking forward to THE DARJEELING LIMITED, right? It's Wes Anderson, right? It's Owen Wilson, right? It's Adrien Brody, right? It's Jason Schwartzman, right? They're travelling through India on a train, right? It's going to be great, right? RIGHT! But wait, that's not all. As if a great movie wasn't enough, there's most likely going to be a great short movie in front of it, and it's going to star a great short movie star, by the name of Natalie Portman.

Apparently, a 12-minute short film called HOTEL CHEVALIER, a prequel to DARJEELING and starring Miss Portman will premiere in front of the main feature, with Schwartzman acting in both (Portman also appears in LIMITED). CHEVALIER will take place in a hotel room, and will lead to the journey that takes place in THE DARJEELING LIMITED. I'm guessing Portman and Schwartzman are a couple, she dumps him, his heart breaks, and he embarks on a spiritual journey with his bros through India to get over her. Sounds like something I would do if a girl that looked like Natalie Portman dumped me. That, or suicide. HOTEL CHEVALIER will screen out of competition at the Venice Film Festival.

Extra Tidbit: Portman reportedly had to miss the premiere of STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE so she could study for her high school final exams.
Source: /Film



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