Portman set for Thor

The news has been rumored for a while but today we get confirmation: Natalie Portman will star in THOR for Marvel Studios. Portman will play Jane Foster, the mortal nurse who falls for Thor. She joins the previously cast Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki). This may also mean that the rumors of Jessica Biel joining the cast could mean she's Enchantress (or perhaps not in the film at all).

The release also includes this brief snyposis of the film's plot:

This epic adventure spans the Marvel Universe; from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

THOR isn't scheduled to begin filming until early next year with a May 20, 2011 release planned. Is it a coincidence that Portman's casting is announced just about 10 days before Comic-Con?....

Extra Tidbit: STAR WARS, V FOR VENDETTA and now THOR? Portman gets a top spot in the Fanboy Hall of Fame.
Source: JoBlo.com



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