Portman the webmaster?

There might be a new face on the webmasters panel at the Comic-Con this year. Natalie Portman? The actress we all love to love has started up her own movie website called MakingOf.com. Portman has been making the rounds at Tribeca promoting the site, which describes itself as providing "an intimate, fresh look into the process of making a movie by the insiders themselves." It also posts movie news, posters, clips, trailers and pretty much everything we do here except I look nothing like Natalie Portman (well almost nothing).

I trolled around the site for a while and it's still in beta so navigation wasn't the easiest task and it was difficult to figure out what their exclusive content was and what was just EPK type stuff. Also, it seems to me a little difficult to just sit and watch actors talking about acting. I like actors talking about film but it just seems a little flat in certain circumstances here. Though the stuff with the behind-the-scenes people like directors (Michel Gondry and Ron Howard) was a little more interesting. Check it out at MakingOf.com...

Extra Tidbit: Natalie Portman and I are now officially colleagues.
Source: MakingOf.com



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