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Poster Round-Up: R.I.P.D., Man of Steel, Grown Ups 2, Epic, and [Rec] 4: Apocalipsis


Lots of wall art rolling in, so I wrapped them up in this one-stop round-up for you, featuring new posters/banners for R.I.P.D., MAN OF STEEL, EPIC, and [REC] 4: APOCALIPSIS. So, sit back, scroll down, and click to embiggen as you go. First one out of the gate is the new poster for MEN IN WHITE R.I.P.D., starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, which comes from RED director Robert Schwentke, which is a bit more colorful and explosive than the first poster.

Next up is the teaser poster for [REC] 4: APOCALIPSIS, the next entry in the [REC] horror series. I've never seen any of the films, but know they have a big following. The next entry has "Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the fireman, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don't know is that she carries the seed of the strange infection." So, there's that.

For animation fans, we have a new poster for EPIC, which is a simple, yet attractive piece. I was really looking forward to this until I found out that I'd have to endure both Pitbull and Beyonce lending their non-singing voices to the movie. I'm still going, because I have a four year old to satiate, but I'm a little less enthused now. Still, it does have Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Chris O'Dowd, and Aziz Ansari, so that should make up for any undesirables. Should.

Unfortunately, I have this GROWN UPS 2 poster to share as well. Now, it's a clever design, utilizing pics of the stars when they were younger (and funnier), but it's still for a crappy movie that no one wants to see. Oh, wait, the first one made bank, so somebody is seeing this shit. You know who you are.

Saving the best for last, we have a new MAN OF STEEL banner, which will likely grace many of your computers and laptops by the time you're done here. Pulling from the image of Superman breaking the sound barrier as he flies up, up, and away in the trailer, this nicely refined image even comes with a J.J. Abrams lens flare to boot! Hot damn, you're welcome!

R.I.P.D. opens July 19, 2013, [REC] 4: APOCALIPSIS is in pre-production, EPIC releases on May 24, 2013, GROWN-UPS 2 hits on July 12, 2013, and MAN OF STEEL takes to the skies on June 14, 2013.


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