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AN EDUCATION The folks over at "Movie City News" recently debuted the first poster for this year's Sundance hit AN EDUCATION, which stars rising British star Carey Mulligan as a teenage girl in the 1960s who explores her sexuality with a much older man played by Peter Sarsgaard.

The film was written by famed British author Nick Hornby and, by all accounts, Mulligan's performance is career defining which, if you've seen her in anything prior to this, is not so surprising. As it is, she's had supporting roles in a couple of high profile projects, including Michael Mann's PUBLIC ENEMIES and Jim Sheridan's BROTHERS and will soon take center stage in Oliver Stone's WALL STREET sequel MONEY NEVER SLEEPS.

AN EDUCATION will have a limited theatrical release on October 9th. Click on Mulligan's adorable face to get the poster big-sized.

Extra Tidbit: Carey Mulligan is gonna be huge. Like Kate Winslet huge.
Source: Movie City News



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