POTC 3 script n' clipt

This May will most likely be the highest grossing month in the history of movies. With the part threes of the SHREK, SPIDER-MAN, and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN all being released that month, there’s bound to be a record amount of popcorn consumption. Many are predicting POTC: AT WORLD’S END to be the box office champ, and if you’re feeling antsy and can’t wait until the May 25 release date, then we’ve got a couple nuggets for you.

An anonymous source sent us this LINK to two clips from AT WORLD’S END featuring none other than Captain Jack himself. And if that weren’t enough, the same source sent us another to the full script for the film. Download it as a text file HERE, and read the foundation of what’s sure to be several hundreds of millions of dollars in box-office revenue. Crazy.

Extra Tidbit: According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the original cut for AT WORLD'S END was three hours.
Source: Joblo.com



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