Potter trailer with TDK?

There was a lot of rumor and speculation that the first trailer for HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE would be running before THE DARK KNIGHT. Then the trailer call sheet sent to exhibitors leaked to the web and lo and behold, there was no HARRY POTTER (but yes to WATCHMEN, BODY OF LIES and STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS). Then everyone was up in arms about why there was no POTTER trailer. Ah, but there is a HARRY POTTER trailer running before THE DARK KNIGHT. The reason you didn't see it or hear about it from the call sheets is because those were from traditional theaters. The HALF BLOOD PRINCE trailer will only run before prints of THE DARK KNIGHT running in Imax theaters. AND said trailer will only be 15 seconds. A 15 second teaser trailer? That puts the tease in teaser trailer. But that's exactly what an Imax spokesperson told the guys at Trailer Addict. "There will be a SHORT, 15 second trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince prior to The Dark Knight." What can possibly be shown in 15 seconds? Does this excite you or just continue to bum you out?...

Extra Tidbit: I'm more interested to see the WATCHMEN trailer anywho.
Source: Trailer Addict



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