Power & Glory lives?

Like 95% of comic properties that get optioned for the screen, the superhero satire POWER & GLORY eventually drifted back to the cheapie bins where the producers found it. But has it been pulled out of the dusty long-box once more?

There is apparently interest in the project again, according to Comics2Film, who say that several directors are currently circling the adaptation of the hidden gem. The story, from comic industry veteran Howard Chaykin, is a spin on the mismatched-buddy genre, about a government-engineered image-friendly superhero who's actually an unbearable jackass, coward and touch-freak. He's paired with a "handler", a no-nonsense Nick Fury-ish former CIA agent.

Comics2Film also optimistically implies that the project may be "strike-proof" because it has a script -- FREDDY vs. JASON writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift previously did a draft -- but a script is vastly different from a "locked" script, as you can learn more about RIGHT HERE.

POWER & GLORY is one of many books grabbed for intended features by comic collectors Benderspink, who also have Y: THE LAST MAN, PREACHER, AREA 52, EX MACHINA and probably a dozen others on their pile. At least they have pretty decent taste in comics.
Extra Tidbit: Chaykin also wrote for the 1990s live-action FLASH series and created the syndicated show MUTANT X.
Source: Comics2Film



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