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Pre-Avatar: Project 880

Since AVATAR is out of the bag and everyone everywhere with money and a penchant for dorky extra-dimensional spectacles has seen it, articles further examining the inception of the Jame Cameron epic have begun popping up... most notably, this one from CHUD's Devin Faraci, who massively breaks down Cameron's original scriptment of AVATAR (which has been around since '95), known then as PROJECT 880.

Here are a few of the differences from the film currently in theaters:

- Earth and its environmental problems are explored

- We see Josh Sully's Avatar being born

- It's revealed the Avatar program exists to train Na'vi to be an indigenous workforce for the Corporation, since it's so expensive to send human workers

- There are more humans, including a bioethics officer on the take, a video journalist, a head of the Avatar program and a second military dickwad

- There is an Avatar controller who is burnt out because his Avatar died with him in it. He committed Avatar suicide because he had fallen in love with a Na'vi girl who had been killed by the military

Head over to CHUD.com for a TON more detail and analysis. Be forewarned, if you're one of the few who hasn't seen the film yet, there are massive spoilers in that article.
Extra Tidbit: The term "scriptment" was originally coined by - you guessed it - James Cameron.
Source: CHUD



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