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Predator vs Machete


Trejo after his yearly shave

Want another proof that the Rodriguez-sponsored Predator reboot is worth being excited about? The alien bad boys are gonna be matched up against one of the planet's biggest badasses!

Appearing at Horrorfind during the weekend, Rob Rod's relative and usual fixture Danny Trejo had a talk with the folks of Punch Drunk Critics where he touched upon his next few projects and revealed he was doing PREDATORS with production scheduled to start sometimes next month. If anyone is tough enough to measure up...

The actor also touched upon MACHETE, confirming pretty much every casting rumors or news we've heard (DeNiro's definitely in). Then he casually brought bad news - SIN CITY 2 still isn't close, calling the project a "thought process" for now, and one that will wait till after PREDATORS is done.Thought Process probably another way of saying Limbo...

Head OVER HERE to get a glimpse at the video interview.

Extra Tidbit: If they do a SPY KIDS 4, will they still call him Machete? Kinda not a family-friendly character anymore...



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