Predator wants Arnie?

While Arnold Schwarzenegger made a decidedly limited appearance in TERMINATOR SALVATION, another of his famous franchises is hoping he'll contribute a bit more than just his digitized likeness.

According to Moviehole, Robert Rodriguez is already chasing the California governor for his sequel PREDATORS. While Arnie's camp isn't committing to anything at the moment, Team Rodriguez is optimistically including close encounter survivor Maj. Dutch Shaefer in the latest script draft, popping him in for a small part that might take a couple days to shoot.

The other good news (especially for those still recovering from the AvP movies) is that PREDATORS is being treated as an official sequel to John McTiernan's movie, and the script (being rewritten from Rodriguez's 90s draft by Alex Litvak) is reportedly "terrific". But Arnie would probably have to find space on his schedule in the not-too-distant future, since the movie is already slotted for release next July.

Extra Tidbit: The budget for the original 1987 PREDATOR was $18 million. What do you think it'd cost if made today?
Source: Moviehole



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