Predator's chopper!

The Robert Rodriguez produced version of PREDATORS should be starting production just about any day now. As the original PREDATOR is one of my favorite 80s films, I remain cautiously optimistic. This has nothing really to do with the new movie, but I saw it, thought it was pretty damn cool and figured I'd share.

Turns out someone loves PREDATOR as much as I do. The only difference is they decided to drop a lot of coin to have a custom motorcycle built that was PREDATOR inspired to say the least. Roderick McCullough, a business owner from Georgia, decided he wanted the PREDATOR bike to end all PREDATOR bikes so where did he go? Jersey, of course! He brought his bike up to Union City's Pitstop Motor Sports and let their people go to work. The result is what you see below, a fully-functioning 2007 Suzuki (though McCullogh said, "I barely got out of the parking lot before the police got me."). To read more about the bike and see more pics, head over here.

Extra Tidbit: I was on a motorcycle exactly once and it went a lot like this.



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