Predators director?

Yesterday it was announced that Marcus Nispel had officially signed on to direct the CONAN THE BARBARIAN remake for Lionsgate. It was a directing gig for which Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT) had also been in contention. But while Marshall lost one opportunity, it seems he has gained another. Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Marshall is in "close talks" to direct the PREDATORS remake/reboot/whatever for Fox. As someone who's been adamantly opposed to the new PREDATORS film, I must say that this news does give me a glimmer of hope. THE DESCENT was obviously genius and even the flawed DOOMSDAY showed signs of directorial bravado. Of course Fox is a place where directorial bravado goes to die but I'm hoping Robert Rodriguez producing the film can help negate any unwanted studio interference. Marshall is currently busy editing his latest film CENTURION with Olga Kurylenko (a film that sadly doesn't have a distribution deal in the US yet).

So do you like the call of Marshall on PREDATORS? If not, why? And who would you have rather seen direct the film?

Extra Tidbit: Will we see a female Predator at any point in the movie?



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