Predators script look

Using their devious magic, our buddies over at Latino Review got an exclusive look at Robert Rodriguez's script for PREDATORS, the remake that everyone has been bemoaning, but may change their tune after hearing just what it has in store. This is obviously pretty spoiler heavy, so turn back now if you want to remain completely in the dark.

To briefly summarize, the film is going to follow a group of eight humans kidnapped by the Predators and let loose in the jungles of the Predator home planet to be hunted for sport. The humans are a multi-cultural combo of badasses including Yakuza, Mexican drug cartel hitmen, Russian mob members, cops and serial killers. And they’re all being stalked by one giant “Super Predator” who has orchestrated the whole event.

I highly recommend watching Latino Review's script summary below, which features a nice little video montage to go along with the synopsis. It does a good job of spilling the details without being a spoiler frenzy. I didn’t think it was possible to be excited for this project, but I've done a quick 180 just from this video alone.

Extra Tidbit: And it's RATED R. Or at least it would be if this draft gets made.
Source: Latino Review



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