Predict the box-office

I just compiled the 2008 SUMMER BOX-OFFICE PREDICTIONS from our JoBlo.com staff members, for our 3rd Annual Prediction Contest (winner gets an iPhone, 2nd place, a set of steak knives, 3rd place...you're fired) and thought it might be fun to open the floor to our readers' predictions as well, although this wouldn't be for an official "contest" or anything...just for fun. This summer is starting to look pretty damn great in terms of movies that I am personally looking forward to seeing (not much so far this year), as well as the possibility of some surprises.

You can head on over to our RELEASE DATES section to see the movies being released in MAY, JUNE, JULY and AUGUST, and feel free to post your picks below, IN ORDER! Check out my own goofy picks (of course, I can't win the staff contest, but just for "fun"), which don't even include other possibles like GET SMART, THE HAPPENING, HELLBOY 2, THE LOVE GURU, MAMMA MIA, MEET DAVE, THE MUMMY 3, SPEED RACER, STEP BROTHERS, WANTED, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN and X-FILES 2. From the 26 staff members who entered our contest, 18 predicted that INDIANA JONES 4 would be the top grossing film of the summer, 5 chose THE DARK KNIGHT and 3 chose WALL-E. BTW, if you're looking for some sweet wallpapers of all these summer flicks, head on over to our MOVIE WALLPAPERS section and have yourself a b-b-blast. 

JoBlo's Summer Box-Office predictions
1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
2. Wall-E
3. Hancock
4. The Dark Knight
5. Iron Man
6. Prince Caspian
7. Sex and the City
8. Kung Fu Panda
9. The Incredible Hulk
10. Tropic Thunder or Pinneaple Express




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