Prehistoric Pixar?

This bit of info isn't a terribly large amount to go on, but anything that might shed light on Pixar's next project is worth at least glancing at. The folks over at Pixar Planet noticed something a bit out of place in a recent Pixar featurette, as you can see below.

See the boy and the dinosaur? Well, that certainly doesn’t line up with any project we know about, and insiders say it’s nothing to do with TOY STORY. So until we get some more info about this, feel free to make up your own storyline for this potential short/film. Here’s mine:

“Boy accidentally wanders into a hole in the space-time continuum. He winds up in the Mesozoic era where he befriends a family of Brontosauruses and together they must fight an evil robot T-rex sent from the future who was the REAL reason dinosaurs went extinct.” If I see that on film Pixar, I’m suing your asses.

Extra Tidbit: Whatever it turns out to be, I predict it will be good. Call me Nostradamus.
Source: Pixar Planet



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