Premiere: Dead Silence

This is definitely the kind of cool shit that studios should do more often and PROMOTE more often. How else do you want to go about spreading the word of mouth about your film (other than all of your basic advertising routes) than by taking it directly to the genre lovers' themselves. In this case, Universal Studios asked JoBlo.com and 15 other Internet portals to run a contest via which 1 winner would be chosen to premiere the horror film DEAD SILENCE in their hometown, along with 100 of their friends and...the director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell, in attendance!

These kinds of things didn't happen too often in the days before the Net, but nowadays, these are the sorts of things that help films pick up buzz and certainly, good vibes from the fanbase. Last Thursday, March 15th, one lucky film student named Bryan Cubin was chosen as the big winner among 16,000 total entries, and invited 100 friends to check out the film in his hometown of Boston. The Arrow and I were lucky enough to be invited to the premiere as well (along with a couple of other websites -- shout-out to Johnny Butane!!), and noticed that it also happened to be St-Patrick's Day weekend in friggin' Boston to boot, and decided to stay a couple of extra days in order to...well, alright, you got me....DRINK!!!

Seriously though, this was my first time in Beantown, and let me tell you, the place kicked ass and even reminded me of my hometown of Montreal -- particularly on day 2 when it snowed 2 feet! The bars in Boston were pretty damn cool though (although I'm still not exactly sure what chanting "Yankees suck!!" over and over again has to do with the Day of St-Patrick's but hey, whatever floats your green beer, I guess) and it was nice to share some good times with everyone who joined us over the weekend, seriously ya'll...was a blast hanging out with you guys.

The premiere also included some good times, like the Wan and Whannell signing posters, T-shirts and even breasts!! (sorry man, I was already drunk by that point, and Wan's damn cute) Seriously though, check out some of the pics from the event below, and if you look closely enough, you might notice one photo in which our very own John Fallon (aka the Arrow) is attempting to play tonsil-hockey with the dummy from the movie. PS: On our first day in town, during our first hour in the hotel, we went down to the lobby to buy..."cigarettes", and just happened to see Mark Walhberg walk by us and into the hotel restaurant. Seriously folks...what's up with that? Good times.

And you don't wanna know where his right hand is at!

Whannell, Winner, Wan



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